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I'm Lyla, an Intuitive Energy Reader.

I help support and guide Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP's) to navigate their personal spiritual awakening and ascension. I do this by providing channeled information from higher realms, sharing my own personal experiences, and providing one on one intuitive readings to pave the way for a happy, satisfying life for you!​

As an intuitive (aka psychic), I work with energy and spirit. One of my favorite activities is deepening my spiritual evolution and growth.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the curiosity and exhilaration of what can happen next in my days ahead. What will I understand more fully, expand in my awareness and become completely conscious of today?

I love to work with others to assist in their growth too. Nothing is more gratifying than to observe the transformation in others and me. I mean, why else are we here anyway?​

I define my intuitiveness as translating a person's spiritual guidance so they can confidently walk through their world. For those interested, I offer energy readings live online, by phone, or by email. ​

​I am a clear channel to translate spiritual information to provide clarity where there is confusion. It is my honor, passion, and life's work to assist others when they need it.

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"There is a moment when you know that something beyond your understanding is occurring. When everything else seems to disappear and the energy you are feeling is pure and gentle and brings goosebumps. Lyla has been so incredibly helpful to me throughout the years. She helps me to stay true to myself. Thank you Lyla." Roxanna Z.~California

“Tears of happiness! Thank you for your support and helping me get out of my way .” Cindy L.~Illinois

"Lyla is, hand on heart, an incredible coach and intuitive therapist. She has coached and guided me through several really difficult phases of my life while also empowering me to make choices in line with my highest self. I have seen many variations of therapists and wellness practitioners throughout the past ten years and honestly, Lyla ranks first. She is compassionate, intuitive, perceptive, intelligent and an extraordinary healer. She challenges you to step out of negative patterns and embrace positive solutions to problems. I can’t recommend her enough! In fact I feel like this review doesn’t even do her justice. She is truly an amazing lady and I feel so grateful to have her support in my life." Erin K.~ Ireland