Being psychic to me is seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing this loving guidance that is assisting us. When you are locked in and have made this connection with these higher realms of the universe, they will never fail you. Ever.

This is available to everyone.​

And everyone is psychic. Some people are more drawn to it than others. Not everyone knows they’re psychic. Somehow, somewhere people started to believe that only select people have these abilities or they believe it isn’t real. But we are all made up of the same substance and that is unchangeable. ​

Being psychic doesn't mean you are a fortune-teller like in the old stories we've read. Being psychic is going beyond the 5 senses and being aware of the subtle energy that is all around and inside you. Once you've developed your skill in translating subtle energy and information, you make clearer, conscious decisions on how to move forward (or not move forward) in your everyday life.​

I was drawn to strengthening these abilities so I could lead myself in my life and then help others who seek guidance. I am an empath, a healer, and a channeler and it’s my purpose to help others "see" themselves and provide answers to what they seek. That is why I do energy readings.​

In school, we learn about the physical body, the circulatory system of the blood, and the respiratory system of the lungs. We learn about the bones and skin and the lymph and digestive system. But almost none of us learn about the energy systems that support the physical system. We don't learn that the physical system is made from an energy system.​

It isn’t just our bodies that are energy but a rock, huge oak tree to the transparency of the morning fog-- everything is energy. Every conversation, feeling/emotion, physical or emotional pain, every event, every single substance, and happening on the face of the earth and beyond, when broken down into its absolute smallest form, is simply a vibrating, pulsing, packet of energy. The universe is a strange place indeed, consisting of nothing but energy. If everything is energy then there is nothing that cannot be psychically translated for better understanding and for making better choices to lead your best life.​

That’s why I love performing readings for clients. I have done a lot of readings in the past 19 years. I can't think of anything more rewarding than to translate the channeled spiritual information from higher realms to another person to assist them in making better choices and to help them understand their lives more clearly. I have a hard time seeing people in pain. I know at times we need to struggle to find our way. I feel that I am here to help pave the way to help others struggle less.